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Hello community!

Welcome everyone to the News Blog.

Today is a special day because today we inaugurate a new section that will test all your creativity, do you like theories? Well, welcome to:


Analyzing with… ?


You may wonder, what is this new section about? I will explain

Every weekend I will be making a post in this section. The section deals with theories about the island, Theories created by you, which may have the opportunity to be analyzed by our staff. To participate you only need to go to our discord server and in the channel #analyzing-with you send us your theory.


Don’t have Discord? You can submit your theory here

The best theory will receive 20,000 coins and the opportunity to interact with our staff.

Remember creativity is your best friend!







If your theory is very original, the more likely you are to be our big winner!

It’s time to say goodbye to the post, but we’ll see each other again in the next issue of Analyzing with… while having fun on the island.

Have fun at The Fair, hear that a penguin named Danny will be visiting the island these days. Get rewards and make new new friends, here



– Club Penguin World Team



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  1. Mullyr2

    how will we know if danny is onlne?

  2. Mullyr2

    my theory is club penguin world will me making/building a bridge were the crane is, and it will connect with a mysterious island that will only be available at some partys.

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