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by | Sep 14, 2020 | Blog | 4 comments

Hello dear community!

Welcome to the blog, my name is xDiego, writer and moderator, member of the Club Penguin World Team.

In this moment i will open a section very much awaited and loved by the community, it is nothing more and nothing less than Penguin of the Week. In this post we will clarify some details about the section and frequently asked questions that might arise, so go ahead.

Is very easy! In each post of this section you can write us in the comment box your penguin name, the name of the penguin you want to nominate and the reason why you think it deserves to be Penguin of the Week. Here’s an example of how you should do it:

Penguin name: xDiego
Penguin name I want to nominate: Zwanzig
Reason: I consider Zwanzig to be a person willing to help, very committed to what he does, he is friendly, respectful and helpful with the whole community. That’s why I think it should be the Penguin of the Week in its next edition.

Of course there will be prizes! For those who win Penguins of the Week they will receive an exclusive background, a green Viking helmet and 10,000 coins. Big prizes, can you believe it?

Of course you can! On Mondays, this section will be published and you can self-nominate each week.

This is it for today! Remember that if you have any doubts you can let us know on our twitter @iCPWorldCPPS, or on our Discord server, remember to keep an eye on the blog for more publications and news.
I say good-bye with a big hug….. Waddle on!

– Club Penguin World Team



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  1. Pdl24

    Penguin name: PDL24
    Penguin name I want to nominate: PDL
    Reason: i think i could be penguin of week because i upload videos on youtube and upload every kind of different things related to club penguin world

  2. Mullyr2

    penguin name:mullyr2
    penguin name i want to nominate:mullyr2
    reason:he is active and friendly helping out penguins and the community.
    thank you for taking this into consideration.

  3. Pinguicho1

    Nombre del pingüino: Pinguicho1
    Nombre del pingüino que quiero nominar: Pinguicho1
    Motivo: soy amigable, respeto a las demás personas, soy muy creativo y además he reportado a pingüinos que rompen las reglas, no importa si no gano, solo quiero participar, mucha suerte a todos 🙂

  4. Maximaxmarco

    Penguin name: Maximaxmarco

    Reason: I play this game a lot and enjoy it. I am also a very nice person who likes hanging out have fun and make friends, play mini games and just chat or help people who are lost or need a friend or help.
    Thanks for reading.

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