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by | Sep 1, 2020 | Blog | 13 comments

Dear penguins,

As all the staff, I am very pleased to announce that Club Penguin World has opened doors to everyone! My name is Julian45123 and I am the main developer of the game. Do you see my penguin avatar up there? Keep it in mind. If you see me on game, you will be able to add to your inventory a gift background and also earn an exclusive stamp.


Features of Club Penguin World:

      • 2 ways to play the game. We have worked on a downloadable client (at the moment only available for Windows) that will work even when Flash stop working on the main browsers (click here to download the client). The other way is playing online, in your browser (click here to play online).
      • News rooms are available! Join the game and waddle around the Seaside, Park, Lake and Rig, our exclusive rooms.
      • Some locals are willing to meet new players and explain them some curiosities about the island.
      • Enjoy day and night at the island! All outside rooms change the sky because of the spending hours.
      • Glows for everyone! Choose a mood, change its colour, customize chat bubble, ring colour and name. All colours available.
      • New items are available! Visit the Clothes Shop and buy a cool outfit.
      • And more things are coming…

That’s all for this first post on the official Club Penguin World blog. Let me give you a gift:

Remember to redeem the code before the Beta Party is over.

The Beta Party ends the 3rd of September. I hope that you really enjoy the game.

Julian45123, Club Penguin World Team.



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  1. Lalinski06

    Yey, thx very much for this present <3

  2. Keeev

    ¡Gracias, está increíble!

  3. Pincpw

    Muchas gracias ya me quede pobre :,,,D

  4. Mrjavier

    ¡Hermoso juego! Sigan así

  5. Bubble

    Wohoo! This is amazing!!

  6. Snowboy1

    How do I activate my account? or is it in closed beta?

  7. Pedrovaleri2

    The game looks pretty great!

  8. Penguboi29


  9. Pinguicho1

    genial, es la primera vez que estoy en una fiesta beta de club penguin, es genial su juego, espero y pronto se complete la construcción

  10. Jammerpop13O

    I cant activate my account

  11. Mullyr2

    how do i know if julian is on the game?

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